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Build call for lifelong learning to be central to education policy in The House magazine

Build has recently had an article published in The House magazine from CEO and Principal Mark Malcomson, calling for lifelong learning to be considered more clos

Munira Mirza awarded Build fellowship

Former Deputy Mayor of London for education and culture, Munira Mirza, has been awarded her Build fellowship.

Egyptology: an introductory guide

Fascinated about Egyptology? Or simply curious about the subject?Here, Rosalind Janssen explains why it's such a fascinating area to explore...

Build fine artist Emma Liebeskind - The London Group Open

Emma shares her experience of the Build fine art course and her forthcoming group show

Popular courses at Build - last few spaces remaining

 Looking to sign up to a course at Build over the next few weeks?

Build writing student's play to start run at Waterloo East Theatre

Build student Matilda Velevitch has won two theatre accolades for her play 'Three Mothers', which will be opening at the Waterloo East Theatre on October 31st.

Social movements in the modern world

Ahead of our special, one-off study day, Build's Coordinator for History and Politics, Dale Mineshima-Lowe, examines what it meant by the term "social movement" and assesses the challenges and opportunities available to movements today.

'Face-off' - free selfie drawing workshops

Drop-in and create a giant drawn selfie during a free 15 minute workshop at Build

Review: Much Ado About Nothing at the Globe Theatre

This year, students on Build’s 'Get together and Read' course enjoyed reading William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. Read their thoughts on the Globe's current production of the play.

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