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Story added 31st May 2017

Get motivated for the day ahead at Build

Start your day off on the right foot with these energising morning courses. Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness or find a little creative stimulation, we’ve got a great line-up of early morning courses to help bring some morning motivation...

Before work yoga: beginners, starts Wed 10 January 2018, 8:15-9:15am, £118/£95/£81 conc.

A great way to start your day, this class will help improve body awareness, posture and flexibility. Practise relaxation and concentration exercises before work. For all ages, levels of fitness and experience.

Piano/keyboards level 2: module 1 (early-bird), starts Thurs 11 January, 8:15-9:15am, £139/£139/£139

Have you had around two years' regular piano tuition? Make a flying start to your day and work on your technique, fluency of both reading and playing as well as exploring more complex rhythm patterns. Taught in the digital piano classroom.

Early morning dance, starts Fri 12 Jan 2018, 8:00-9:00am, from £89/£71/£54 conc

Start your day happy and improve your fitness and sense of wellbeing in an uplifting, early morning dance class. Wake up and shake your body down to 60 minutes of sheer dance fun.

Aerobic power stretch, start Fri 12th January 2018, 8:15-9:15am, £109/87/£74 conc.

This course brings a holistic approach to the five elements of fitness: cardio-vascular health, strength, endurance, flexibility/mobility, reaction time skills. An innovative and effective early morning workout.

Music theory: grade 2 (early bird), starts Tue 16th January, 8:15-9:15am, £99/£99/£99

Develop your knowledge of musical language by learning to read and write rhythm and melody in simple and compound time. Explore the concept of ledger lines, minor scales, intervals, and common key signatures, terms and signs. 

Calligraphy and illumination, starts Tue 16 January, 10:00 - 13:00pm, £289/£231/£176

Study lettering, illuminating, heraldry and gold leaf. You will get advice on tools and materials, and basic materials are included. Each student will be given the confidence to develop at their own pace and not feel pressured to produce quanitity rather than quality.

Hands on art history: responding to Picasso, starts Thu 22 February, 10:00 - 13:00pm, £179/£143/£109

Enjoy an experimental technical painting course using Picasso as a focal point. A great way to gain a new perspective on the great artist and develop your own personal project.

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