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Story added 11th Dec 2017

What's new at Build in 2018?


#TrySomethingNew with Build in 2018

Feel inspired by our range of brand new courses starting soon.

Here are just some selected highlights of what’s new …


Astronomy in focus: four talks and discussion on life in the universe, from stardust to the Drake Equation, Sat 23 Jun, 14:00-16:30

The Aztecs, starts Fri 20 Jul, 10:30-16:30


Cinema, fashion and glamour, starts Tue 14 Aug, 18:00-21:00

Creative calligraphy, starts Tue 17 Jul, 10:30-16:30


Drawing caricatures, starts Wed 18 Jul, 18:00-21:00 

Flamenco: power and performance, starts Wed 25 Jul, 10:15-12:15

French weekend: my journey through French cinema: before the French new wave, starts Fri 13 Jul, 18:00-21:00


Italian holiday kit, starts Sat 18 Aug, 11:00-15:30 

Kum Nye: Tibetan relaxation and meditation workshop, starts Sat 4 Aug, 10:15-17:15


The priest as poet, Sat 9 Jun, 10:30-16:30

The Roman wall of London - starts Wed 1 Aug, 10:30-16:30 

Screen acting technique: masterclass, starts Sun 29 Jul, 10:00-17:30 

Sing in harmony, starts Fri 13 Jul, 19:00-21:00

Sketchbook (for people with learning disabilities), starts Wed 11 Jul, 10:00-16:00


Spanish weekend: geometry and design in Moorish Spain, starts Sat 4 Aug, 10:30-16:30

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