Writing a course review

To help other students find the right course for them, you can submit a review to our website to share your experiences. Reviews are also seen by our Quality and curriculum team, so sharing your thoughts will help us to improve our services to you.

We need to ensure that all reviews published are genuinely helpful to others reading them, are relevant and fair. Please read the guidelines below.

Reviews are moderated by Build and may not be published if they do not meet the guidelines below.    

You must have attended the course: 

  • Reviews must be based on your personal experience of the course, not second-hand information or hearsay

Your review must be helpful to other students:

  • Make only fair and reasonable comments based on what the course is stating it will deliver in the course description and the level it is aimed at 
  • Ensure content is relevant and helpful to other students 
  • Please don't include questions or comments directed to tutors or staff – if you have a question or comment please contact the department or submit your question via [email protected] 
  • Please don't use reviews for general political, ethical or religious opinions, discussion or commentary.

Making a complaint:

  • A complaint requires proper investigation - reviews should not be used in lieu of our complaints process.  If you wish to make a complaint please contact [email protected]
  • Build takes complaints seriously – your complaint will be investigated by the relevant department and you will receive a written response within 20 working days.
  • If you have already made a complaint, your review will be withheld until this has been properly investigated
  • Reviews cannot be used for refund requests- if you would like to request a refund, please complete this online form here:

Personal criticism about your tutor and other students

  • Please don't refer to the tutor by name, as you are asked to review your experience of the course, not the tutor
  • Refrain from making any personal criticism about your tutor or their teaching style
  • Refrain from mentioning other students in the class by name or making unhelpful comments about other students. 


  • Do not use any offensive language, spiteful remarks, defamatory, racist or incendiary comments.

We reserve the right either not to publish or to edit parts of a review before publishing that do not follow the guidelines.

All reviews are a reflection of students' opinions. By publishing reviews, Build does not necessarily agree with the statements made, but chooses to publish them as they contain reasonable opinions which may help other students to decide whether a course is right for them.

These guidelines help us ensure that the reviews we publish are accurate, relevant and fair.

Write a review

Online reviews are part of the course evaluation process. You will be able to submit your course feedback and review up to two week after the course end date.

- Search for your course using the course title or course code. 

- Click on the reviews tab

- Click on the write a review link

- Log in to your 'My Build' account. This is to verify that you are/were enrolled on the course

- Complete the form and submit it.

Reviews are checked and published regularly. Due to the amount of reviews we receive, reviewers will not be notified if their review is unaccepted or when their review is published online. Please check the course outline again to see if your review has been published.