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Acting Courses

  • Introduction to Acting Course

    If you are completely new to acting, and you are interested in discovering more about the craft... Check out our Introduction to Acting courses. 

    These run regularly throughout the year, so check the dates you are interested in and take it from there

  • Acting Follow-on Courses

    Our Acting Follow-On courses are designed to give you the initial basics in acting craft... 

    It is here that you can begin to find specialist areas that you are interested in. Each of these leads to a range of progressive routes where you can continue to build on your skills (for example, you can progress from Actors in Training 1 through to Actors in training 3, or you can choose an alternative follow-on course to try out...)

  • Acting Advanced Courses

    Our Advanced Acting Courses are designed as your next step from the follow-on courses.


    These courses progress from the fundamental knowledge you will have gained in stage craft and actors process for stage and screen. 


Dance Courses

  • With our range of dance courses, you can find new dance styles and techniques that you would like to try out.

    If you enjoy a particular dance style, why not work through our stages of learning where you can progress from a beginner level through to a technically more advanced level of working?

Voice Courses

  • Voice courses for Actors

    If you want to develop your voice as an actor, check out our wider range of voice classes designed to work your voice in effective ways and hone your voice production skills?

  • English Pronunciation for Speakers of Other Languages

    Are you wanting to develop your English pronunciation skills and technical voice production as a speaker of another language?


    If so, join our stages of English pronunciation. Stage 1 is the foundation for your development and we recommend all newcomers to pronunciation training start here...

  • Voice, Speech & Communication (for business, debating and more)

    Whether you want to excel in business meetings, learn how to speak in public, develop your persuasive speaking or simply improve your vocal technique for every day communication, we have something for you!

Progression Pathways for Drama

Progression pathways in drama

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