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We've teamed up with top London event guide, Londonist, and asked fellow Londoners what they wanted to learn. Here are just some of the answers they gave us:


"To tie in to what I'm listening to at the moment, I've always wanted to learn how to produce electronic music...."

"I would love to learn sculpture - I've done a little bit and I'd love to be in a big studio and just go wild and make big things!"

"I've always wanted to learn Spanish - I go on holiday every year to Spain."

" want to learn everything! There are so many things to learn, why would you stop at one thing?"

From music production to making art, languages for leisure to short taster sessions, join the 30,000 Londoners who enjoy over 5,000 part-time daytime, evening and weekend courses in Covent Garden.

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Here's what Londoners told us they wanted to learn, from making techno music-making to achieving programming supremacy...


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