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Remember, we will refund you your course fees if we have received a written request from you at least one week (7 calendar days) before the course is due to begin (there are some exceptions for our accredited/longer courses where we need 3 weeks notice).  We will charge a 20% admin fee, with a minimum £10 for every refunded course.

For courses taking place in June, July and August 2016, we will honour our previous policy of needing at least one day's notice before your course begins. 

Read our refund and transfer policy

During busy times, refunds can take up to 3 weeks to process however if we have cancelled your course, we will prioritise your refund so that it is processed much sooner.


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If you’d like to discuss your refund, or would like any help with choosing an alternative course that we could transfer you onto, please get in touch:

Phone: 222-66-889-99

Email: [email protected]


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