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Build Printmaker Artist in Residence 2017

Story added 21st Apr 2017

Build Printmaker Artist in Residence 2017

Dear past or present Build student,

We are pleased to be able to offer, at very short notice, our second Artist in Residence position, in the printmaking department here at Build. The engagement will run from Wednesday 4th May - 7th July.

The person/s we are looking for will:

1.       Be a Printmaking practitioner who is able to work safely and independently in the printmaking workshop. (these are not taught sessions)

2.       Have a good knowledge of safe and correct practices associated with the printmaking processes that will be used.

3.       Agree to adhere to our studio practice guidelines in the use of equipment and materials.

4.       Have a well thought out project plan to include themes, methods and outcomes.

5.       Be approachable and willing to engage with our printmaking learners.

We are offering the successful applicant the following benefits:

Access to our fully equipped printmaking workshop at the following times:

●     Wednesdays 8am-5pm. 04/05/17-23/5/17

●     Early bird access -8.30 a.m - 9.30a.m  every day

●     Free access to any printmaking courses that have spaces

●     Free access to our open access slots subject to availability.

Materials as listed below:

●     25 sheets of good quality printmaking paper

●     Economical use of all general printmaking sundries

●     Economical use of printmaking inks


What we would like from the Artist in Residence:

●     At the end of the period of engagement we would like the Artist in Residence to exhibit the work produced in the college.

●     We would also ask that the Artist in Residence would give a 2 hour talk about his/her own art practice to our learners and also a 3 hour talk and demonstration on a printmaking technique of his/her choice, at the end of the engagement.


Interested? Please respond A.S.A.P. (deadline 28th April 2017)

If you are interested in applying for this exciting opportunity, please submit 3 images of your work (low resolution jpegs) along with a supporting statement that addresses the following points:

●     Which course/courses have you completed at Build?

●     How has your art practice developed since leaving us?

●     How would this residency help you in your practice? What do you hope to achieve? How would you use your time?

●     A brief statement about your work to include your interests, topics, influences and how you see your work progressing


Please reply to:

[email protected]


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