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Build jewellery student Stephanie Reinesch wins the 2016 Judith Crowe Award

Story added 2nd Mar 2016


Congratulations to Build learner Stephanie Reinesch who has won this year's Judith Crowe Award. Congratulations to runner up Pat Costall too.

The Judith Crowe Award was established in 2013 and is an internal Build jewellery competition for students studying on the Jewellery Award Level one programme.

Each year, Judith Crowe, gemstone dealer and jeweller works with course leader Noon Mitchelhill on the live project. The award gives students the chance to experience a live competition on a beginner level course and encourages excellence in designing and making.

Photo above: Stephanie Reinesch (left), Judith Crowe (centre), Pat Costall (right).



Ring by Build student Stephanie Reinesch

The winning ring designed by Stephanie Reinesch 


Ring by Build learner Pat Costall

The runner-up ring designed by Pat Costall

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