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Transferable skills and knowledge

Skills to help you be more effective in your job


Managing challenging behaviour for NHS staff

1 day

Recognise difficult behaviours and develop strategies to deal with real-life problem situations. Learn to manage personal and professional relationships more effectively, with customers, colleagues, managers, family and friends.


Managing challenging conversations for NHS staff

1 day

Learn to prepare for challenging conversations, manage the discussion and ensure you are talking constructively. Enhance your existing knowledge and skills for tackling challenging conversations and help reduce the stress that comes with this.


Basics of project management for NHS staff

1 day

Learn to employ the basic principles of project management by gaining an overview of the importance of your role, an awareness of some of the key issues, skills, practical tools and tips to improve your daily management of projects.


Business writing for NHS staff

1 day

Share information more effectively with your manager,  colleagues and other members of staff by writing etc.' This course is specifically for healthcare professionals working in the NHS.



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