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New year, new you...

Story added 26th Nov 2014

Despite the air of festive season cheer and romance on an around Valentine’s Day, winter can prove to be a challenging time of year. From the pressure and strain of family get-togethers to feeling left out or forced to have fun.

Our inclement weather and darker, shorter days means we’re prone to staying indoors and this can affect our mood and energy levels. Yet, the rundown to New Year and the start of 2015 can signal changing the way we live our lives and who we share our lives with.

Whilst making and breaking resolutions may not be for everyone, the chance to pause and ponder where we would like to make improvements is a positive first step. One of the first things we can address is our attitude which can dictate our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. It can be a cloud that darkens everything we do or a ray of sunlight that puts everything, not matter how bad, in a good light.

Assertiveness and self esteem

Other obstacles to making positive changes can include low self esteem and the inability to be assertive when need be; when we’d rather say nothing to keep the peace or the party mood, or where we conclude that certain friends and loved ones just won’t listen anyway so silence is the only option. 

Yet a good level of assertiveness and self esteem empowers us and gives us more choices, as well as a better perspective. They help us and those we’re in contact with as we can enter more honest, open dialogues with them allowing us to relate our views and positions. We can show the other person that they’re not always right and that other ideas, opinions and approaches exist. We can also learn that we’re not always right either, but that being more open, proactive and honest, we can communicate and reach these realisations on a much more equal standing.

Whether 2015 is the year you want to make your voice heard, your feelings known, to listen more or change your outlook on life, here’s to making it a year of positive change.

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