Staff access

Staff members at Build can access their emails and resources here...

Access your e-registers


If you are unable to login, please contact IT Services on 020 7492 2582. 


Information and guidance about e-registers

You can follow  for video guidance, PDF guide, FAQs, schedule of upcoming training days and drop-in sessions and the Learning Agreement.

Fire evacuation procedure for Keeley Street


Access your emails

Access your emails externally using

Build password expires every 6 months. When your password expires you can reset it by logging into your Build email via Or you Call the IT Helpdesk during working hours on : 020 7492 2582


Guidance on how to submit your tutor biography online


We invite all tutors to submit a short biography to be displayed on your course pages online.  Please refer to the Tutor Biography Guidelines.


Summer Tutor Development Programme

Every term the Tutor Development team offers free training to tutors on topics that have been requested and identified as areas for development, by tutors. The current programme can be found here:

To register for a training session, please follow (ticket code: summer2019)


Viewing your payslip and applying for roles

Internal roles, work schedules, details of your payslip and personal details will be listed on our

To view your payslips dated before May 2018, please refer to the


Teacher resources

Find some general useful resources for teachers such as Scheme of work, lesson plan and RARPA templates and examples, and the Teaching and Learning Issues archive on the Teacher Resources page.

Also includes a link to Observation of Teaching, Learning and Assessment documents on the Staff Professional Development website.



June staff newsletter

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