Lipreading and managing hearing loss

Lipreading and managing hearing loss - frequently asked questions

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Do I have to have a certain level of hearing loss to qualify for a place?

No. If your hearing loss causes you difficulties, then you will be considered for a place.  If you know you have hearing problems but have never had your ears or hearing checked, then we would advise you to visit your GP.

Does it matter if I miss some of the classes?

Sometimes, missing a class may be unavoidable – and we understand that. But since there are only 12 places being funded, we hope you will be committed to attending all classes if you can. If you already know of a specific date that you can’t make please tell us on your application form. This won’t stop you from being considered for a place.  However, you will gain the most from your course if you attend every session. In some cases, missing a session can make it hard to take part fully in following ones. It will also make it harder for you to evaluate your progress.

I have another disability  - can I still attend this course?

Please specify any access requirements and additional needs on your application form. We can discuss how we can support you with these before the course starts. 

How will I be taught, and will there be any work outside the class?

In class there will be group work, pair work, practical work, lecture, demonstration and discussion. The tutor may give you suggestions for practising skills at home.

What level is the course and do I need any particular skills?

This course is for people who have an acquired hearing loss and use spoken English to communicate with others. Straightforward written sentences are used in exercises and on the board to confirm spoken words. No previous experience of lipreading is necessary.

Are there any costs? Is there anything I need to bring?

This is course is free to those offered a place. There are no materials or extra costs. You will find it helpful to bring a pen, notebook and A4 folder for handouts.

Do you offer help and advice on hearing aids? 

We don’t provide an audiology service. However, your tutor or the course co-ordinator may be able to advise you where to obtain outside support. Your tutor may be able to give you tips on hearing aid management. During the course, you will be given information on assistive listening equipment that can work with and without hearing aids.

Can I bring a family member or friend along to the lessons?

Unfortunately, there won’t be room in the classroom to accommodate others. However, we will be offering a ‘deaf awareness’ session for any family members, friends, colleagues who’d like to find out how they can support you with your hearing loss. More details will be available during the course.

Will there be a follow-on course afterwards?

There are  courses available here at Build that you can progress onto after this course. We also run various related workshops. Your tutor will give you more information during the course if you’re interested. At the moment these courses have an enrolment fee, though if you receive benefits or have a low income, you may be eligible to get help from our Learner Support Fund or Student Bursary via a loan or grant. 

Why do I have to attend the one to one sessions– and what’s involved?

After you have been offered a place, we ask you to attend 3 brief, informal one to one sessions here at Build - before, during and at the end of the course. The first will be to find  out more about how your hearing loss affects you and to answer any questions about the course. The second and third will be reviews to see how you feel the course is making a difference. This is because we have received funding from The Royal British Legion and they need us to evaluate how effective you think the course is . This will help TRBL decide whether to fund similar future projects. 

Can I get help with my travel expenses?

If you receive benefits or have a low income, you may be eligible to get help with your travel expenses. We can advise you on the support available if you are offered a place.

Can I park my car at the college?

Due to our Central London location we are unable to provide car parking spaces. There are commercial car parks in Drury Lane and Parker Street and a few metered parking bays in the area (parking in both is very expensive). There is a disabled parking bay outside Build.

What happens if I apply and am not offered a place?

If there is no place available for you, we will contact you and advise on any suitable alternative class and keep you informed about any similar future projects.


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