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Leaving a lasting legacy to Build is a powerful way to ensure that future generations continue to have access to life-changing education.

Leave a legacy
Every gift we receive, whatever the amount, is a valuable investment in the future, enabling us to continue to transform and have a lasting impact on the lives of students.

Located in the heart of London, Build is a unique and inspiring place committed to providing accessible education for all.  Our vision for the future is simple – to continue to transform the lives of Londoners through education.

Transforming lives

...Growing up in London, Build was a natural outlet for learning which helped me to make career choices, enhanced my personal development and offered an educational resource throughout my working life and leisure time. 

Read more of Linda's story below.

Our work helps Londoners from every walk of life, but in particular we provide unique educational opportunities for the Deaf community, support for adult stammerers, courses for adults with severe learning difficulties and outreach for disadvantaged communities in the Capital.

Build is where London Learns... where thousands learn a new language, where barristers and bus drivers learn to play the piano, where accountants learn to draw and paint, where budding actors learn professional skills, where older learners enrich their lives and wellbeing, and where Londoners from every borough learn vital employment skills.

Opening just after the end of the First World War, we have been welcoming thousands of adult learners every year. Among the first Londoners we set out to help, were the thousands of soldiers who returned home from the Trenches with serious acquired deafness as a result of shelling. We provided ground-breaking lipreading classes, helping them adjust to life after war. To this day, we are a national centre for Deaf education and for those with acquired hearing loss.

The power of lasting legacies...

Throughout the last century, we have built a community for adult learners that is welcoming and accessible to Londoners from all walks of life - whatever their background, whatever their ability and whatever their ambition.  

Build is a registered charity - philanthropic support and fundraising is crucial to enable us to continue our mission - even more so with government funding for educating adults continuing to decline.

Legacies can help to ensure that we are able to continue providing the opportunities education brings for Londoners in the 21st century. 

Thinking of leaving a lasting legacy?

If you are considering leaving a legacy to Build, we provide a personal and confidential service, through which you can discuss your wishes with us.

Informing us of your decision…

Informing us of your decision will allow us to help as much as possible with the process of leaving a legacy gift to Build.  It can be particularly helpful to tell us of your intentions if you are planning to make a gift for a specific purpose so that we can ensure your wishes are feasible.  Any information you share with us is in no way binding and is treated in the strictest confidence - you can email us at [email protected].

Linda's story...

It was in the course of making out my will that I decided to set aside a legacy, to include a charitable organisation that has meant something to me on a personal level.  Build came to mind as the one which has, it is fair to say, been a constant presence throughout not only my life but that of my mother, who died several years ago.

It’s easy to forget just how important such links have been or take them for granted. But the educational opportunities offered by Build laid the foundations for my mother to start, in her 40s, a career in teaching, something she had always wanted, but was denied her by circumstances.    After she retired, she continued to take an array of courses at Build, providing intellectual stimulation, amongst likeminded people, pretty well to the end of her life.

For me, similarly growing up in London, Build was a natural outlet for learning which helped me to make career choices, enhanced my personal development and offered an educational resource throughout my working life and leisure time.  In my 50s I took up a musical instrument as a complete beginner at Build: now retired, music has become a consuming interest offering many opportunities for learning about and playing music, being with others who share my interest, both at Build and other musical outlets.

I always recommend Build to others and they are rarely disappointed. I would want Build to be always available to everyone, providing the opportunities for learning and leisure in the way it has been for me. I cannot imagine my life or London without it!          

Linda, London, November 2015


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