From probable beginnings to exoplanets and supernovas to satellites, let us guide through the visible night sky and beyond with a range of astronomy courses to suit all interests.
  1. Astronomy: a practical guide

    Course Date: Sun 10 Jun 2018
    Location on this date: KS - Keeley Street
    If you have already enjoyed a gentle introduction to astronomy, here is the next step: what to look for and how to do and find out more. De-mystify some of the specialist software, equipment and terminology of the subject.
    Full fee: £49.00
    Senior fee: £39.00
    Concession: £25.00

  2. Astronomy in focus: 4 talks and discussion on life in the universe from stardust to the Drake Equation

    Course Date: Sat 23 Jun 2018
    Location on this date: KS - Keeley Street
    Can there be other forms of life in the universe? Four experts offer short introductions to very different ways of answering that question. This will be followed by questions and answers and discussion with the panel.

    Raman Prinja - We are stardust: covering the origins and distribution of life-giving chemical elements in the universe.

    Roger O’Brien - Earth-like exoplanets: focussing on their discovery.

    Ramila Topalovic - Biosignatures: remote sensing life on exoplanets.

    Francisco Diego - the Drake equation: the astronomy, biology and sociology of extra-terrestrial life.
    Full fee: £29.00
    Senior fee: £29.00
    Concession: £29.00

  3. Astronomy: a gentle introduction

    Astronomy: a gentle introduction

    Course Date: Sun 29 Jul 2018
    Location on this date: KS - Keeley Street
    A leisurely walk through back garden astronomy, learning how to find your way around the constellations, whether to buy a telescope, finding planets, and looking safely at the sun. Find out why astronomy is good for you.
    Full fee: £49.00
    Senior fee: £39.00
    Concession: £25.00

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