Astronomy Courses in London

From probable beginnings to exoplanets and supernovas to satellites, let us guide through the visible night sky and beyond with a range of astronomy courses to suit all interests.
  1. Astronomy: a gentle introduction

    Astronomy: a gentle introduction

    New Weekend
    Course Date: Sun 22 Sep 2019 (and 2 other dates)
    Location on this date: KS - Keeley Street
    A leisurely walk through back garden astronomy. Learn how to find your way around the constellations, whether to buy a telescope, how to find planets and look safely at the sun. Find out why astronomy is good for you.
    Full fee: £59.00
    Senior fee: £47.00
    Concession: £30.00

  2. Cosmology


    New Evening
    Course Date: Thu 3 Oct 2019
    Location on this date: KS - Keeley Street
    Do you want to know about the origin and future of the universe? Will the universe expand forever? Discuss the latest evidence. Examine the current theories. Repeat the most important cosmological observation ever made!
    Full fee: £149.00
    Senior fee: £149.00
    Concession: £66.00

  3. Science guest lecture: Professor Hilary Downes: Lost planets of the solar system - the evidence from meteorites

    New Evening
    Course Date: Fri 4 Oct 2019
    Location on this date: KS - Keeley Street
    Hilary Downes, Professor of Geochemistry, Birkbeck, University of London, helps us to understand the history of the Solar System through the evidence from meteorites.

    The early Solar System was a violent place with many collisions between different asteroids and planetary embryos. The results of this chaos can be seen in meteorites which have fallen to Earth. Some meteorites can be linked with planets or asteroids that are still in the Solar System, such as the Moon, Mars and asteroid Vesta, but many meteorites contain small fragments of planets and asteroids which have been otherwise lost or destroyed.

    Prof Downes’s work in geological sciences has included research into volcanic deposits in Canada and France as well as studies of fragments of the Earth's mantle ("xenoliths") which are brought to the surface in volcanic eruptions. Now Professor of Geochemistry in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Birkbeck, she also works in the study of meteorites in collaboration with colleagues at the Natural History Museum and NASA.
    Full fee: £15.00
    Senior fee: £15.00
    Concession: £15.00

  4. Further cosmology

    New Evening
    Course Date: Thu 30 Apr 2020 (and 1 other date)
    Location on this date: KS - Keeley Street
    Do you know a bit about cosmology and want to know more? There are intriguing results from the Planck Mission. Many people and some theorists want to know what happened before the big bang. Do we need multi-verses, parallel universes, branes, superstrings? What news from CERN? A chance to delve more deeply into this fascinating subject.
    Full fee: £89.00

  5. Astronomy for fun

    New Weekend
    Course Date: Sun 7 Jun 2020 (and 1 other date)
    Location on this date: KS - Keeley Street
    If you have already enjoyed a gentle introduction to astronomy, here is the next step: what to

    look for and how to do and find out more. De-mystify some of the specialist software,.
    Full fee: £59.00

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