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Contact the Music department for further information about performances and events
All concerts below are open to the public, and free unless otherwise indicated.

Tue 27 June

       3.15 pm: Advanced piano recital: Joshua Leff & Emiko Iguchi
                  , London Bridge, SE1 9DA

       5.15/7.00/8.15 pm: Violins and violas 

       8.00 pm: String quartets  Room 202

Wed 28 June
      7.00 pm: Clarinet gathering  
Room G01

      7.00 pm Recorder gathering  

Thu 29 June, 1.00 pm: Gary Preston piano
Recital Room (101)

Fri 30 June, 6.15: Flute gathering
Recital Room (101)

Saturday 1 July
      3.00 pm: Jazz ensembles   Recital Room (101)

      3.00 pm:Build Big Bands  Tutor: Simon Henry

Sun 2 July, 3.00pm: Piano recital                     Tutor: Petros Moschos
Piano Repertoire class play Debussy's Préludes Book 1
, 40 Brunswick Sq, London WC1N 1AZ (NB: there is an admission charge to the museum)

Mon 3 July, 5.15/7.00/8.30 pm: Clarinets  Tutor: George Sleightholme
Build Cafe

Tue 4 July
      6.45: Build wind ensemble  
Recital Room (101)

      7.00: Jazz & pop singers' night  Build Cafe

Wed 5 July: 7.30 pm, Build a cappella     Tutor: Della Rhodes
with guests  Breathing Space and 5 4 Saxophone

Thu 6 July
        1.00 pm: Advanced piano recital                Tutor: Katya Lebedeva
      Recital Room (101)

       2.45 pm: Sing music theatre workshop    Tutor: Heather Longman
     Recital Room (101)

Fri 7 July
       6.30 pm: Jazz ensembles  Recital Room (101)

       7.00 pm: Build Choirs    Tutor: Richard Hartley Wilson
     , Bloomsbury WC1A 2SA

      7.00 pm: Violins and violas, String ensemble       Room G01

      8.30 pm: Violins and violas levels 1 & 4               Room G01

Sat 15 July, 1.00 pm: Piano: advanced workshop   Tutor: Nikos Stavlas
Recital Room (101)


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