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Build response to Fabian Society's 'New Tricks – Innovative approaches to Lifelong Learning' report

The Fabian Society has released a new report setting out five ways the UK can establish a lifelong learning culture.

 outlines five key approaches to lifelong learning that should be adopted in the UK, inspired by existing work being carried out in countries such as Singapore, Germany, Australia, France and Austria.

It makes the following recommendations to the UK government:

- Extend its national retraining scheme to include every sector

- Look again at reintroducing individual learning accounts

- Establish a new employment insurance to cover living costs during training

-  Introduce a right to request training leave after a year of employment and a mandatory career interview every two years

- Consider cross-party talks on establishing a lifelong learning strategy for the next two decades

Responding to the society’s findings, Phil Chamberlain, Executive Director of External Engagement, said:

“We welcome the Fabian Society’s work in raising the hugely important subject of lifelong learning. In a volatile work environment, UK workers are increasingly expressing a desire to change career midstream. Technology and flexible work patterns are also changing the way in which we all work. The Fabian Society is correct, therefore, to identify that this is the right moment for the government to put a renewed focus on lifelong learning initiatives and the positive outcomes they can deliver at every stage of life.”



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