Build Art School - Summer Shows 2018

Build Art School showcases work by artists and makers in animation, drawing, jewellery, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, textiles both on site at Build and external exhibition spaces across the capital. 


We caught up with students preparing for their summer shows to find out about their work, experience of the course and plans for the future; Misa Gott (printmaking), Melody Clark (printmaking), Shirley Hunter (textiles) and Sarah Lang (Fine Art).


Summer Shows - June - July 2018

Build Art school advice sessions

If you would like to advance your career in the arts, develop studio based activities or become a professional practitioner, join our Build Art school. We offer high level courses in a range of art and design specialisms, including printmaking, ceramics, drawing, textiles and many more. 


If you are interested in one of our higher level courses but you are unsure of its suitability, bring your portfolio to a drop in session, where you will receive professional one to one advice and we will guide you to the right course. You can sign up to , on Tuesdays 2-4pm.



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