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Choosing an Instrumental class at City lit

Choosing an Instrumental class at City litWelcome to the City lit instrumental department.

Choosing a String class at Build

Choosing a String class at BuildWelcome to the Build instrumental department.

Musicianship & Music Theory courses at Build

Musicianship: essential skills for all musiciansWhether you are learning saxophone, piano or studying to be an opera singer you will have noticed that there are some universal skills all musicians need.

Where to buy music and instruments

A guide to some local music shops and a note on choosing instruments.

Choosing a singing class at Build

This post aims to guide you through the process of choosing a singing course that’s right for you.

Listen up: How do you find the best recording of a piece of music?

When I was an undergrad, studying music at the University of Nottingham, I remember becoming aware for the first time that certain recordings of famous musical works were prized rather more highly by older students, and staff, th

A potted history of The Proms

Since first delighting London crowds in 1895, The Proms has become synonymous with British summertime. The eight-week annual feast of classical music traditionally runs every year from mid-July to mid-September, with major events primarily taking place at the Royal Albert Hall.

A visit to the V&A Archives, May 9th 2017

Tucked away behind Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre in a knot of recently gentrified streets, stands a huge red-brick Victorian building: the archives of The Science Museum and The Victoria and Albert Museum...

Basil Pain Memorial Bursary

The Music Department is delighted to announce that the Basil Pain Memorial Bursary for advanced piano students will be available again in 2016/17, thanks to the generosity of Basil’s family.

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