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World-renowned speech therapy expert Dr Scott Yaruss at Build this autumn

Story added 21st Jul 2017

Dr Scott Yaruss

The British Stammering Association and Build are delighted to welcome Dr Scott Yaruss all the way from Michigan State University to the UK this autumn. Scott is an internationally renowned speech and language therapist and researcher who places the needs of people who stammer at the heart of therapy. This will be a rare opportunity to hear him speak in the UK.

He has published roughly 70 papers in peer-reviewed journals and more than 100 other articles, papers, and chapters on stuttering,  and is the author, co-author, or editor of several resources on stuttering.

Dr Yaruss will be providing two talks on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th September 2017 at Build. Tickets available in advance, full details below.

What do you want from therapy?

Monday 18 September, 6 to 8 pm

Cost: £7.50

Are you often torn between your desire to communicate your ideas, your hope to speak fluently and at the same time your wish to avoid feelings of shame and embarrassment?  If so, you’re definitely not alone as this is a very common experience for people who stammer.

Over the decades, numerous therapy approaches have been developed to help people who stutter achieve various goals: improving fluency, changing stammering, and reducing negative reactions..

More recently, speech therapy for people who stammer has moved toward a more integrated approach to therapy, in which you are encouraged to seek a ‘balance’ between all of these various methods.

Dr Yaruss will highlight the problems associated with this view of seeking a ‘balance’.  The idea that everyone must seek a balance ignores the fact that different individuals have different goals for their speech and their lives. Some people may wish to emphasize fluency while others prefer to be empowered to speak the way they speak. Where do you think you stand on this debate?

This workshop will give you the opportunity to hear about these ideas from an expert in stammering therapy and to reflect on them for yourself. 

You’ll come away with a better idea of:

- what you might like from therapy

- how you can know and speak your mind

- say what you want to say the way you want to, and 

- be who you want to be. 

The cost of the evening  is £7.50 (includes glass of wine/soft drink). Reserve your place by booking an Eventbrite ticket:

A comprehensive approach to stammering therapy for adolescents and adults

Tuesday 19 September, 10 am to 4 pm (registration from 9.30am)

Cost: £30

Stammering is more than just stammering. People who stammer experience far more than just the production of speech disfluencies. In addition to disrupted fluency, people who stammer may also experience negative reactions to their speaking difficulties (both by themselves and by others), difficulties communicating in daily situations, and an overall adverse impact on quality of life.

Comprehensive approaches to speech therapy for those who stammer seek to address these various aspects of the experience of stammering; however, providing such broad-based intervention can pose a challenge for many clinicians. Limited time for therapy, large caseloads, documentation and accountability demands, and other challenges can all affect the ability of therapists to provide the type of treatment that might be most beneficial for their clients who stammer.

The purpose of this study day is to explore some of these challenges and discuss ways of approaching stammering therapy in a comprehensive yet individualized manner. The day will be based on a common foundation for viewing the entirety of stammering from the speaker’s perspective, so clinicians can become better prepared to understand what people who stammer must cope with on a daily basis.

Dr Yaruss will begin by describing ways that a comprehensive evaluation can help clinicians develop appropriate treatment goals that meet the needs of each particular client. Next, specific strategies for addressing multiple aspects of treatment will be discussed. These will include strategies for helping speakers: improve their speech fluency, reduce physical tension during moments of stammering, minimize their negative reactions to stammering, educate others in the environment about the true nature of stammering, and diminish the adverse impact of stammering on their lives.

Throughout, Dr Yaruss will highlight methods for supporting clients’ independence in coping with stammering, addressing challenges with generalization and long-term maintenance, and fostering clients'  development of self-advocacy skills so they will be able to get the most out of the therapeutic interaction, both in and out of the therapy setting.

The study day is suitable for all speech and language therapists working with adolescents and adults who stammer. The cost is £30.  Reserve your place by booking an Eventbrite ticket:

For further details, contact [email protected] / 020 7492 2579.