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What's in your wine?

Story added 26th Nov 2014

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Whether it’s a glass of warming mulled wine or your favourite Merlot, a drop of something special or a bottle left over from the festivities, take a fresh look at your winter tipple with help from Build wine tasting tutor Gilbert Winfield who reveals some things to consider when raising your glass.


The French notion of ‘terroir’ is that of a ‘sense of place’ of a wine. It is certainly true that the same grape can taste totally different when grown in different regions or countries, and not just France. Tasting a country’s wine is like travelling there, without the cost of an

airline ticket. Learning about a country’s wine includes historical and cultural aspects, so it is a broad subject.


As well as telling us if it’s red, white, or rosé (which is of course important), the look can give us insight into the style of wine. Things to consider include your wine’s weight, texture, its condition, and indication of alcohol.


The nose or how your wine smells is just about the most important part of the tasting, and focussing on a wine’s nose can help us identify thousands of different aromas, and record their intensities – all of which adds to the pleasure of drinking it.


The palate mainly confirms the impressions of the nose in flavours, but also brings new elements like acidity, sweetness, texture, weight, alcohol, and tannic astringency. The finish, or aftertaste also gives insight into the quality of the wine.

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