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Vote for your Student Governor

Story added 15th Nov 2016

Student Governor Elections 2016

Ballot opens at noon on Tuesday 15 November and closes at 8pm on Monday 28 November.

Cast your vote at Reception or the Enrolment counter.  

A postal vote is available – please contact Katrina O’Sullivan, Clerk to the Governors, to register – and it must be received by the start of the ballot count: katrina.o’[email protected]




Heather E Bradford

NOMINEE:  Heather E Bradford

Proposed by:  Susannah Norman

Seconded by:  Penelope Maynard 

Candidate’s statement:

Build welcomes everyone within its reach to a truly inspirational array of life-long learning opportunities. As student governor I will strive to keep courses affordable, wide-ranging, inclusive and accessible. Discovering Build’s programme of courses was a genuine revelation for me. Until I began to study here I never imagined that a youthful interest in theatre directing and acting could be so excitingly and professionally revived and developed. I aim to ensure that all students at Build, present and future, have as rewarding an experience here as I am having. Build opens minds and changes lives.  


Licia Bronzin

NOMINEE:  Licia Bronzin

Proposed by: Christine Mabileau

Seconded by: Lara Callegari 

Candidate’s statement:

I believe I could be a very effective student governor.  I believe the facility to take up a course to pursue a dream however small, vague or intense allows us to live a richer life and allows us to grow as deeper individuals.  I have a curiosity about people and what they’re looking for in life so I consider myself a good listener.  I am constantly assessing facilities and their suitability for their purpose for work and I have to articulate that. These skills and my indomitable need to communicate would give me the tools to be a good student governor.


John Collacott

NOMINEE: John Collacott

Proposed by: Zillah Myers

Seconded by: Margaret Kelly

Candidate’s statement:

I have been a part-time Build student since 2010. I have completed the computer ECDL levels 2 & 3, courses; and then completed the music foundation, levels 1 & 2, courses. Now, I am attending the course on composition techniques, as well as, the keyboard harmony. I was a Further Education Lecturer in Psychology and Sociology, and taught students on Access Courses. This is only to say that I have experience, on both sides, of education and training; and I will be pleased to fully contribute to the life and well-being of the Build student community and institute.


Joe Cullen

NOMINEE: Joe Cullen

Proposed by: Roy Lockett

Seconded by: Jenny Kuper

Candidate’s statement:

I believe a strong Build needs a strong student voice – especially in these times of savage public spending cuts.  If elected I will do my best to represent student interest and to work together, with the Board, to ensure Build continues to deliver high quality learning for all. As a former lecturer, and currently a researcher, in the educational field I hope to bring my experience and expertise – together with that gained as a Governor of an East London School, and Trustee of a Docklands Charity, to help build a solid future for Build and adult education.

Roberta Jacobson

NOMINEE: Roberta Jacobson

Proposed by: Robin Eggar

Seconded by: Barry Jeeps

Candidate’s statement:

Education made me. If elected I will work to improve access to the educational treasure house that is Build.  We can all be lifelong learners, as long as Build remains relevant and affordable. I have benefited from Build’s courses over many years studying languages, writing and dancing. Education flows through my veins. I have been a learner, trainer and teacher during my career in public health. I recently gave evidence for Build to the Select Committee on Adult Education. A lot  works  well,  but the balance between class size, costs and student ability needs review.

Emma Spiller

NOMINEE: Emma Spiller

Proposed by: Ella Porter

Seconded by: Jane Waller 

Candidate’s statement:

I’ve been a student at Build for many years and I am currently enrolled on the Ceramics Diploma and serving my third year as a student representative. I value the multiple roles Build plays in promoting key skills, nurturing talents and encouraging personal growth. As a student governor I would commit myself to ensuring the continued good work of this college by means of effective and efficient use of its resources.  Most importantly, I will be proactive in representing the views and concerns of the student body and will promote the ethos of inclusivity and equal access.


NOMINEE: Praveen Subramanian

Proposed by: Neil Ward

Seconded by: Brian Douglas

Candidate’s statement:Build courses, to name a few, Assertiveness, Coaching, Inklings, Public speaking, Becoming your own potential, Acting and Violin helped me see myself in a new perspective and live a better personal and professional life.  To give something back to the Build and to the student community, I am taking part in the Student Governor election.  I would work and contribute ideas towards adding more students in the class, more resources in the library and more enjoyable learning experience in the class.  Please vote for Praveen in the Student Governor election.