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A Springboard for "Gap - The Play"

Story added 13th May 2015

In rehearsals at last year's Page to the Stage (2014)

What's it all about?

Last year saw the successful arrival of a new course and collaboration between Drama, Dance & Speech and the Creative Writing team here at Build. The Page to Stage competition (DS073 for actors and directors / HW118 for playwrights) was set up to enable budding actors and directors, and emerging playwrights to come together and work on staging brand new thetarical work over the course of three weeks, culminating in one day of theatrical festivities at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith.

It was a huge event, and attracted an audience so large the ushers were turning people away from the box office. 

But besides the excitement that such an event fostered, the significance of this course is COMPETITION! With cash prizes of up to £500 for best performer, director and playwright, the competition was in full swing as the rehearsals progressed. Developing new material is always a risky business, but with an opportunity to be financially rewarded for the prospect (and the accolades of "Best..."), the risks were drumming up and talent began to flourish extensively.


Success on the day 

While there were some excellent performances and delightful new scripts being presented, one of the highlights of the whole process was Gap - the Play, written by Harrie Dobby. Justly rewarded, Abigail Arnold-Ochs was duly awarded Best Actress, this production has since devloped even further.

The play itself centres around Lisa, a small town girl from Mid-West USA with BIG dreams. She applies for her passport, gets on a plane, and flies to Asia. One week in to the trip of a lifetime, Lisa meets Dave, Mr Charisma from London.

The Gap follows Lisa and Dave through the next eighteen months of their lives. They dream of travelling the world together forever, but when Lisa becomes pregnant, this dream begins to unravel. Is it really possible to just strap a baby to your back and keep on going, or will "real world” responsibilities eventually catch up with them? Joined by two Irish hippies, Lisa’s bible-bashing mom, Dave’s sex-mad best mate and her less-than-PC husband, The Gap is a one act comedy, looking at what you have to sacrifice in order to be happy. 


Well done team!

As a department we were thrilled to learn that this piece of new writing, together with a talented cast has now developed into a bigger project and has moved internationally - now crossing the Atlantic and due to be staged at FringeNYC  this year! This will mark the growth of a project that started as part of a competition here at Build to engaging in its world premiere in an internationally renowned theatre festival.

For the cast and team behind The Gap, we express our very best wishes to them as they set to perform ilater this year.



Just goes to show... 

...from a simple seed an oak tree can grow! Simply by getting involved in our Page to Stage competition, this project has become something much bigger than we could have anticipated. You can keep an eye on the progress of this exciting venture as it unfolds by taking a peek at 


Could you be our next big winner of the competition?

Even if you don't win the competition itself; by getting involved and meeting a new team and cast, you could also see your artistic ideas launch forward to bigger prospects too.

Build prides itself on being a unique platform for learners to explore new heights to their skills and talents. With the Page to Stage competition we not only enable this to happen, but we actively encourage you to go the next step...

So get involved and put on a play in THREE weeks this summer. See what you can do, and take the big leap, just like The Gap!




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