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Share your student story on camera

Story added 6th Dec 2016


-          What does Build mean to you?

-          What do you like about your experience as a student at Build?

-          How has being a Build student had an impact on your life?


Come and tell us about your experiences and share your views on how and why Build matters.

Your opinions mean a lot to us as we continue to fundraise and start preparing for our centenary celebrations – your story tells others what makes Build special.

Come and talk to us and help support our campaigns.


Come and talk to us, we’ll be filming interviews in our main building on Keeley Street on:

Tuesday 13th December 15:30-19:30

Wednesday 14th December 16:30-21:00

Friday 16th December 12:00-15:30

We will ask you about what Build means to you and film your replies.


Read and watch some of our student stories


If you don’t want to be filmed but still want to share your story, please email us at [email protected]. Please include your name and if possible your photo or examples of your work. Your story may be used within Build or externally.




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