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Ron Mabey Obituary

Story added 14th Nov 2016

Ron Mabey's last filmed work from Screen Acting: beginners (October 2016)

The Drama Department were very sad to hear the news of Ron Mabey’s death at the age of 88. Ron was a very enthusiastic student of acting and was actively enrolled on three courses at the time of his death. He was last seen at the college a week previously (he died during our half term break) and seemed as hale and hearty as ever.

Ron may have been the best character actor that never was. I can certainly see him sitting in the corner of the Queen Vic, nursing a pint. As an ex- policeman in the Sutton and Carshalton area, he was naïve about acting and on more than one occasion we had to persuade him not to hand over an enormous amount of money to an ‘agent’, pointing out that no one bona fide would ask for money before actually finding him work.

His dream until the end was to seek fame and fortune in America and he would frequently come to my advising sessions to discuss it. Alas he never made it there. 

Attached is a still from his last ever filmed work in the class Screen acting: beginners, (October 2016).

Ron was a wonderful champion of and zealous believer in Adult Education- aged 88 he would take the train and tube up from Carshalton to Holborn at least twice a week until the end. He has done 33 courses here, virtually all within the Drama Department, pursuing his dream.  We are very proud we were able to give him such an experience, and we will miss that imposing and unique presence in our studios.

Vernon Thompson Drama Tutor Co-ordinator

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