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Story added 22nd May 2017

Build will mark the Readymade centenary this summer with a dedicated programme of courses and exhibitions.

Build Art’s programme of courses and exhibitions

This summer, to celebrate the centenary of Marcel Duchamp's illustrious Readymade ‘Fountain’, Build Arts has curated a special programme of courses and exhibitions exploring art, objects and ideas: from pots to props, still life to assemblages, brooches to baskets, the summer school will celebrate objects and things as central to what artists and makers do, and interrogate what objects mean to us in the 21st Century. You can view our dedicated programme below.

Our summer school aims to not only explore Duchamp’s legacy, but celebrate the made object in a much broader sense. As the artist Bob and Roberta Smith has declared ‘everything is made’, and the READYMADE programme seeks to celebrate this. So whether it’s fashioning a lump of clay into a precious pot, learning how to paint objects and their meanings, exploring the history of art objects and ideas, or constructing or reinventing your own art or design objects from found materials and images, Build Arts has the course to help you turn the everyday and insignificant into something much, much more...

100 years ago the French artist Marcel Duchamp took a readymade gent’s urinal, turned it on its side, and proposed this reconfigured object as a work of art. The legacy of Duchamp’s iconic Fountain changed the course of creative history, firmly introduced conceptualism into art’s canon, and shaped the development of creative practice for the next century - remaining equally inspiring and controversial to this day.

Picture below: Nina Gale - Work in progress

Nina Gale - work in progress

READYMADE programme

READYMADE summer competition

Enter our READYMADE summer competition for a chance to win a free Art History course of your choice, a £50 Build voucher or a selection of art materials...