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President Donald J. Trump and the will of the people

Story added 17th Jan 2017

President Donald Trump

After what seems like an eternity since the election, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States this week. Whilst the initial shock of the election result has started to wear off it has been replaced with the smaller, but more frequent shocks of how a Trump Presidency is shaping up.

Donald Trump, as might have been predicted, is acting like a man with a big mandate to govern but in a style that is all his own. Those who had insisted and expected that he would start to conform to a more traditional approach to the role of President and Commander-in-Chief, are starting to realize that wishful thinking was the basis of their analysis rather than observing the history and actions of the man elected.

As the reality sets in, the latest ways of thwarting him, are being mooted and explored, including Impeachment or invoking the 25th Amendment...

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