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Make a healthy start to 2018 with Build

Story added 10th Jan 2018

Join us for courses in dance, yoga, mindfulness, meditation and much, much more...

Was your New Year’s Resolution this year to be healthier in 2018?

Whether you’re taking on Dry January, committing to a bold lifestyle change or simply looking for a better work/life balance in the coming year, Build have a number of great courses to help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals.

Here’s just a few of our selected highlights coming up this term…

Dance courses

Dance for fun: intro, starts Thu 8 Feb

A great introduction for anyone looking to take up dance in 2018. Experiment with a range of different dance techniques and styles.

Jazz dance: improvers, starts Fri 16 Feb

Become even more accomplished in jazz dance on this improvers course, which incorporates a number of different jazz styles.

Kathak: beginners, starts Sat 17 Feb

Learn the basics of this popular classical dance style from India. Improve your coordination and learn the delicate movements of Kathak, which shares roots with Flamenco dance.


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Fitness and relaxation courses

Yoga: philosophy and practice, starts Sun 4 Feb

Further your understanding of yoga, and learn how the practice has developed over the centuries. Gain a fascinating oversight of yoga history.

Meditation for calm, focus and insight, starts Thu 22 Feb

Learn about different meditation techniques and how you can apply them to your own situation. Use the knowledge gained from this course to focus more on living in the present.

Alexander Technique: Saturday workshop, starts Sat 17 Feb

Discover how the Alexander Technique can help you to return to a natural state of balance through the course of two weekend sessions.


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Life skills courses

Assertiveness, starts  Fri 23 Feb

Keen to be more assertive in professional or personal situations?  Learn how to communicate on equal terms and more effectively across two practical workshops. Build up your confidence and self-esteem to cope with challenging situations.

Life coaching  - GROW model, starts Sat 3 Feb

Discover how the GROW model works and learn and develop life coaching skills to help you better set your goals. Explore key life coaching techniques, as well as how they can be applied to everyday life.

Raise your self-esteem, starts Fri 23 Feb
Unearth your personal power in this experimental workshop. Acquire confidence and practical resources to develop your self-esteem.


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