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Brain training: games courses in London

Story added 12th Jul 2017

Games courses at Build

Playing traditional board games and cracking fiendish puzzles on a regular basis can be some of the most effective ways of – and we’ve got a great range of courses coming up at Build for fans of cryptic challenges and tactical tinkering in backgammon, bridge, chess and crosswords. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at how you can become a champion crossworder…

Keep calm and complete that crossword…

We’ve all attempted a crossword at one time or another, perhaps on a long train journey or over a relaxing coffee, but how many of us get around to finishing them?

Do you regularly hit a brick wall halfway during your daily crossword more often than you’d like?

Don’t lose heart, as our cryptic crosswords course will provide you with solutions to succeed. It's also a great introduction for beginners if you've never felt brave enough to make a start on a cryptic crossword.

Below, you can find some great teaser tips from Ben Summers who will be teaching our Crosswords course this July:

- The average 15x15 cryptic grid contains 7-8 anagrams, the most common clue type, so get practising!


- A lot of cryptic setters like self-referencing. If they refer to themselves in a clue they may be suggesting you include 'I', 'ME' or the setter's name in your answer.


- For most clues, Across or Down is irrelevant, but sometimes you'll be asked to turn a word on its head, or send it west, which would apply only to Down or Across clues, respectively.


- Some cryptic setters are very loose with punctuation. One generally accepted rule is that one may capitalise a word in a clue that would be uncapitalised in English, but a capitalised word in English may never be de-capped in a clue. So ‘state’ could become ‘State’ but ‘Manchester’ could not be ‘manchester’.


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