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Learn English, gain new skills, and make new friends this January: ESOL classes at Build

Story added 22nd Nov 2017

ESOL classes in London with Build

This January learn English and develop new skills with three great new ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) classes at Build.

These new ESOL classes will help you learn English quickly by developing new skills in s relaxed and motivating atmosphere and gain new skills. You will learn English in a practical way by singing, making podcasts and trying photography. These are just three of the great ESOL classes starting in 2018 at Build that will help you improve your English and make new friends.


ESOL and singing (entry 3 - level 2), starts 19 Jan

Improve your English through your enjoyment of singing. The main focus of the course will be on the actual singing of a variety of English songs as a way of developing your fluency. Through learning the songs, you will develop your vocabulary, your reading skills, understanding of general meaning, listening for details and grammar skills.

Enjoy singing in a relaxed environment and build your confidence with English at the same time.


ESOL and making podcasts (level 1 to 2) - starts 4 Feb

Improve your English by learning how to make podcasts on a variety of topics and in different forms including descriptive narrative, explanations, opinion pieces and interviews. By learning how to sound interesting and engaging to your listeners, you will learn how to improve your pronunciation, use stimulating vocabulary, structure your podcast, and ask questions with correct stress and intonation. By being able to listen back to yourself you will be able to identify where you need to improve and where your strengths are.

Learn more about the fascinating process that goes into producing and editing a podcast.


ESOL with your camera (entry 3 – level 1) – starts 15 Jan

Improve your English and basic photography skills.

If you love photography, this course will help you learn how to take a good photograph as you continue to learn English through speaking to the person you are photographing, describing photographs, objects and places, and improving your use of adjectives and general vocabulary.

ESOL classes in London

Improve your English at Build. We have courses from beginner to advanced levels, with qualifications and without, in the day and in the evening.

Some courses are free if you are on JSA or ESA (WRAG). We also have reduced fees if you are on other benefits. You can also pay for your course in installments, or apply to the Build Student Support Fund for help with fees or travel costs.

All new students need to come to an advice and assessment session to make sure they are in the right class. We prefer you to call 020 7492 2511 or email [email protected] to make an appointment, but you can also come without an appointment.

Browse all ESOL courses at Build.

ESOL classes in London - Elvira's story


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