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Jewellery tutor Louise Seijen Ten Hoorn displays work at New York exhibition

Story added 3rd May 2017

Amorphous collection - jewellery from Build tutor, Louise Seijen Ten Hoorn

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tutor Louise Seijen Ten Hoorn has recently returned from New York after displaying her latest range of jewellery at an exhibition at the city's prestigious Museum of Modern Design. Louise showcased select pieces from her 'Equilibrium Collection', amongst other work, to the crowds attending the popular exhibition.

The exhibition, 'LOOT: Mad About Jewelry', took place between 3rd-8th April, and featured work from 54 artists from 21 different countries, whilst presenting a cross-section of the most exciting cutting-edge art jewellery designs, allowing members of the public to meet and acquire pieces directly from some of the most skilled creators in the field. You can watch a of the event below.

We're pleased to announce Louise will be teaching the following courses at Build starting from the 3rd May: 

Jewellery design lab

This course is a fully interactive lab giving you the opportunity to develop your jewellery design practice and learn to work more independently on your own projects in a safe environment. If you are already fairly experienced in jewellery-making and are confident piercing, filing, drilling, annealing, soldering, bending and forming metal with minimal supervision, this lab is ideal for you to perfect your ongoing skills, discover different techniques, and consider new ways of approaching design and making. 

Sculpted jewellery

This course is for anyone, from complete beginners to more experienced crafters. It will guide you through a range of methods, processes and techniques used in contemporary three-dimensional jewellery-crafting. The emphasis in the first part of the course will be on experimentation and making prototypes, using paper, wire, and polymer clay models, and developing your sense of scale, weight, and how jewellery sits on the body. In the second half of the course you will take your designs forward and develop them into metal jewellery pieces using wax carving, wire work or sheet metalwork.

Louise will also be heading up the following summer school courses (full details on dates and prices will be released soon):

- Jewellery production: wax carving, casting and finishing 

- Fine jewellery: precision skills workshop 

Keen to get your creative juices flowing? View the full range of jewellery courses available at Build.

LOOT Mad About Jewelry (New York)

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