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Jeevan School Foundation: Help support a fairtrade jewellery project in India

Story added 23rd Jun 2017

Build Jewellery tutor Aurelie Dellasanta is supporting The Jeevan School Foundation in India

I am the founder of the Lit Association, a not-for-profit arts organisation dedicated to promoting and incubating cultural and artistic projects in collaboration with people/communities living in precarious, violent or abusive situations.

In the summer of 2016, I organised a one month project in Varanasi, India, with the Jeevan School Foundation. The project worked to shelter and educate street children in order to develop original fair-trade jewellery collections that are for sale in the award winning At Work gallery in London and on Aurelie Dellasanta Jewellery.

As a designer of jewellery for over 15 years, this project was born from the desire to share my passion for jewellery and creativity with an amazing and beautiful bunch of teenagers I met through the Jeevan School Foundation in 2006. During my numerous stays in Varanasi, I had the chance to see them grow, study and develop to their full potential. 

Following our last project's success, we will return for one month in August 2017 to Varanasi to collaborate again with Jeevan School Foundation in order to develop new original fair-trade jewellery collections that will be for sale in At Work gallery  and on Aurelie Dellasanta Jewellery  amongst others selling points in London and Geneva. Proceeds from this will go to Jeevan School Foundation in order to support their amazing work.

The children and the Jeevan staff hugely enjoyed the project, and were incredibly proud of their achievement last year. They have asked us to go back this coming summer to keep learning and practising jewellery techniques and making new jewellery pieces. They are firmly waiting for us and will be disappointed if we can’t make it, and this is why we are highly motivated to go this summer but need some support in order to make this project come true.

Discover more about the development of the project:   '



Image credits: Aurélie Dellasanta, Alejandro Olaya Torres (jewellery pieces on pink background)

Jewellery tutor Aurelie Dellasanta taught ‘Jewellery making: all levels’ and for 17/18 will be teaching on:  Introduction to Metal JewelleryJewellery Making All Levels: Focus on Surfaces, and guest teaching on Fine Jewellery.