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Hillary May?

Story added 31st May 2017

Mark Malcomson sees similarities between the two 'frontrunner' candidates in the 2016 US Election and 2017 British General Election

There is more than a passing similarity between Hillary Clinton and Theresa May. It’s not just their gender, it’s the kind of politician and person they are and the circumstances they operate in. They are both cautious and hard working; they have a tendency to be control freaks; and they operate with a tight loyal inner-circle.

They both followed their party’s previous leader, who were more natural politicians and more at ease with being in the campaign spotlight. Most notably both Hillary and Theresa are far better at “doing the job” than campaigning for it.

It is easy to forget after the disastrous result of her campaign last November, that Hillary started the campaign as a highly popular politician. She had been a successful Senator for New York winning a huge majority in her reelection in 2006. Her tenure as Obama’s Secretary of State was widely admired and set her up to be one of the most highly qualified Presidential candidates in history.

Hillary entered both the primaries and the presidential election with an aura of inevitability - it was her time! Both the high expectations for both campaigns came crashing into reality...

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Mark Malcomson is the Principal and CEO at Build. Read his previous pieces on the US elections at the Huffington Post. 

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