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Garden design courses: Design your dream city garden

Story added 24th May 2017

Garden design courses at Build

Looking to add a splash of colour to your city garden? No matter how large or small your garden, there are plenty of small changes you can make to your horticultural routine to help enhance the look of an urban garden. At Build, we run regular garden design courses throughout the year, so if you're thinking of enrolling, here are 5 starter tips to help newcomers to city gardening bloom into experienced horticulturalists.


Garden design at Build

5 great tips to start your city garden…

Start simple

For the intrepid city gardener just starting out on an exciting garden design project, it can be tempting to purchase all sorts of fancy equipment in the mistaken belief this will help transform you into the next Monty Don overnight. Your initial gardening ambitions needn’t be complicated in terms of outlay. In fact, it’s amazing how many everyday objects lying neglected around your house can be used as impromptu garden features – why not start with that unloved Christmas present that’s been gathering dust? It could become a central talking point of your stylish new city garden...

Don’t kill your plants with kindness

The temptation for many an urban gardener is to overwater plants, through an understandable desire to ensure plants remain well nourished. However, overstepping the mark with too much water can cause plants to die. A good barometer as to whether a plant needs watering is to test the soil around it – if it’s showing signs of moisture it’s probably best to leave the plant be.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

The relative success or failure of your urban garden will depend on exactly how much groundwork you put in to the planning process. Remember, some plants will require plenty of care, whilst others will require very little maintenance, and certain plants will thrive better in certain parts of the garden than others. Take that extra time to research how to best map out your garden design – and our specialist garden design courses will certainly help with this process.

Be creative with space

If space is limited, think creatively to ensure you can squeeze the most out of your urban garden environment. Think about which plants can thrive under certain conditions – this may involve layering plants to squeeze more out of a space, or even growing plants in unconventional places, such as walls or ledges. There's no harm in experimenting, although our garden design courses will help build your knowledge of popular city garden trends.

Grow your own

Even if space is at a premium, the urban garden is the perfect environment to grow a number of edible plants that will add variety to your evening meals without taking over your garden. Great examples of edible plants that can thrive in a city garden include common herbs such as parsley, basil, rosemary, thyme and mint as well as baby leaf greens, chillies, beetroots, onions and radishes.

Garden design at Build

Garden design courses at Build

Inspired to start work on planning your dream garden?

Build run several garden design courses throughout the year.

Sonia's Garden

Did you know Build has its own urban garden? 

Students are free to relax and unwind in Sonia's Garden, which can be found on the fourth floor of the college's Keeley Street building.

Sonia's garden