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Explore current affairs this August

Story added 1st Aug 2017

Debate current affairs at Build during August.

In a fascinating political climate, Build is aiming to keep Londoners informed of current affairs through a number of modern history courses that will examine the recent history of highly topical political issues. Over the next few weeks, join us to explore human rights and terrorism, the rise of China as one of the world’s undisputed superpowers, and how Russia is re-exerting its dominance.

Recent events across the country have shone a light on terrorism in a way that we have not been accustomed to for a number of years now. These acts have brought with them the return of the debate between human rights and terrorism. Theresa May has even publicly broached the subject of scrapping the human rights conventions in this country in favour of creating new laws. This August, learn and debate the issues surrounding human rights and terrorism in a three-hour session that aims to provide an overview of the basics of human rights: some history about them and the legal framework involved. The aim is to give learners the tools by which they can interpret the issue of terrorism themselves and further develop their understanding of this complex topic. 

China - a sphere of influence will examine the historic roots of modern China and the implications for East Asia and the world as China re-emerges as a Great Power, looking into how China has changed over the last 25 years following the end of the Cold War.

Finally, the course on Russia and its attempt to re-exert its dominance will explore contemporary Russian politics. Explore how the changes to Russia over the past two decades impact its regional and global relations today.

If you have a passion for history, culture or writing then why not head to Build this August?