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Election special: Are we in the hands of the smaller parties?

Story added 27th Jan 2015

With under one hundred days until the election, Dale Mineshima, Build History and Politics Tutor, tells us why it may now all be down to the success of the smaller parties. 

General election campaigns often focus on the issues and differentiation between the major parties, but this time around many commentators are really focused on the smaller parties in the race – amongst them – the SNP, UKIP, Greens and Plaid Cymru, in what is predicted to be the tightest election race for years.

Recent polls have suggested that neither the Conservatives or Labour are expected to win outright in May, and such a close fight at the polls is leading many to speculate as to the possible outcomes of the election. A re-run of the recent past looks likely, with many expecting to see the formation of another coalition government, or at the very least, some very tough negotiations on power-sharing and special interests, leading to alliance-building.

The next hundred days will determine the formation of the next government, but much remains undecided and unclear – from the major parties touting their policies, to predictions of electoral meltdown for the Liberal Democrats, the increase in recent party defections, and how the cracks are beginning to show within the parties.

Who will be the winners and losers in a hundred days time? What do you think?

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