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Deaf Education Team feature in political debate

Story added 4th Mar 2015

A member of our Deaf Education Team was selected to ask a direct question to a group of politicians at a hustings debate this week organised by Action on Hearing Loss, which focused on providing accessible political services for people with hearing loss.

The debate gave the chosen participants a chance to question three politicians from the main parties on their policies relating to hearing loss, and Build’s Lorraine Braggins, Senior Teacher Co-ordinator for Acquired Deafness, asked the question: “Given the proven benefits of attending a ‘Lipreading and managing hearing loss’ course and the acute shortage of provision in many parts of the country, what steps would members of the panel take to ensure this support is adequately funded and does not remain a postcode lottery”

Lorraine reported that it was an evening of lively debates and high emotions, adding “Topics discussed last night included access to work budgets, threats to hearing aid provision and lack of BSL interpreters in the NHS. Lord German, Co-chair of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Committee for Work and Pensions, responded directly to my question, talking about the need for more lipreading trainers.”