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Comedy student named Silver Stand-Up of the Year

Story added 18th Feb 2015

Ed de Cantor, a Build comedy student, was named Silver Stand Up of the Year and judged as the countries best comedian aged over 55. He claims that Build has played a big part in his success.

Ed, who has returned to the comedy world after a 10-year break, said: “I’m over the moon. It is a dream come true and makes all the knock backs along the way now seem trivial. My message to anyone who thinks they may have a talent is that you are never too old and its never too late.”

Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival who hosted the event say: “He uses a combination of clever word play, observational humour and poetry, delivered via a quirky upper class persona.”

Ed added, “The Build has played a huge part as I did two courses there last year when taking up comedy again. I had done stand-up for a couple of years in the late 1990s but felt I needed to start again at the beginning.

"I guess I was motivated by the fact that people I used to gig alongside, like Jimmy Carr and Michael McIntyre, went on to become household names and I felt I still had unfinished business.  Chris Head and Rob Hitchmough, my two comedy tutors at the Build, were very encouraging and I started to think I might have half a chance.

“My main aim is simply to be a better comedian and, having got this far, I am keen to progress as far as the journey takes me. I just love the buzz of performing live comedy. It’s what I've always felt I should be doing  but there have been plenty of others who don't know anything about comedy who have tried to persuade me that I was deluded.  That is why it's so nice to have received such a formidable objective endorsement from this win.”


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