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Clinton vs Trump - The electoral college is key, often misunderstood and could be about to make a big shift

Story added 20th Oct 2016

On the morning of Wednesday 9 November 2000, Americans awoke, to deep confusion regarding who had actually won the US election. That confusion remained for 33 days, through local courts, state courts and recounts, until it was finally decided in the US Supreme Court by a 5-4 margin in a case which summed it all up, Bush v. Gore. This case effectively awarded Florida’s 27 Electoral College votes to George W. Bush and therefore the election would go to him by the slimmest of margins in the Electoral College, 271-267. This was despite Al Gore receiving approximately half a million more votes than Bush.

Read Build Principal and CEO Mark Malcomson's full article on the Huffington Post...

Mark Malcomson is Principal and CEO of Build, Europe’s biggest adult education college. Mark teaches American politics and is starting a new course on the US elections on Thursday 20 October 2016 at Build.

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