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Clinton v Trump: Of landslides, mandates and 2000 redux

Story added 8th Nov 2016

Decision day: Americans go the polls today (November 8th)

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It appeared to be done and dusted two weeks before the election.  Hillary had a secure national lead and all the discussions were about expanding the Electoral College map and whether or not recently Republican states like Arizona, Georgia and even Texas might be flipped into her column. 

It looked like the October Surprise was limited to Trump’s ‘locker room talk’ but the FBI changed all that. As Harold Wilson once said, “a week is a long time in politics.”  

With just 24 hours to go it is worth reviewing what the results could actually mean.  

Even with Hillary’s significant slide, she is still ahead in the majority of polls favoured by the poll-aggregators such as New York Times,, and Washington Post.  However, the numbers are now a lot closer than they were and that means that the results in individual states could make a significant difference to how the Electoral College plays out...

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