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Classics Day 2017: 'Culture, Trade and Conflict: The Exchange of Ideas in the Ancient World'

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Culture, Trade and Conflict: The Exchange of Ideas in the Ancient World

In partnership with the British Museum and University College London

Thanks so much to everyone who came and made Classics Day 2017 such a huge success! A record number of students joined us this year to learn from leading experts how ideas travelled thorugh the ancient world and how how civilisations came into contact and learnt from each other.

On this page you can download copies of the presentations shown during each lecture. Please see below for more details.

2017 Presentations

The Elizabeth Teller lecture: "The loveliest thing in the world carried over the hazy sea" - Michael Duigan, Build

The Greek acquisition of precious goods involved battles against the elements, conflicts with hostile peoples and struggle with intractable materials from which they were made. This experience shaped their understanding of the nature, function and even the making of valuable artefacts. These ideas were articulated in myth.

Fertile encounters: early Greeks in Egypt - Alexandra Villing, British Museum

The first encounter between the Greek and Egyptian civilisations transformed the ancient world. New excavations by a British Museum team shed light on the lived reality of this interaction, and provide a new basis for understanding how sharing practices and exchanging ideas impacted on both Greek and Egyptian culture.

Letters, education and language - Gesine Manuwald, UCL

Rome and the East: exploration and trade - Andrew David, Build

This talk will explore contact both over-land and by sea between the Greco-Roman World and India and Central Asia, at the height of Roman rule in the West and the Chinese Han Dynasty in the East (c. 4th Century BC to c. 3rd Century AD).

Download coming soon.

The speakers

Michael Duigan teaches Classical and Ancient History at Build. For many years he lectured in the Certificate/Diploma in History of Art course at Birkbeck. He delivered a course in the ‘Classical Tradition’ at St Mary’s University and on the ‘Classical Artist’ at the Courtauld Institute. He also teaches a Summer School on Ancient Art in Oxford University. Michael acts as a tour guide to archaeological sites and museum collections. He is presently completing his thesis on how the Greeks understood the activity of art making.

Alexandra Villing is a curator in the British Museum’s Department of Greece and Rome and director of the British Museum project ‘Naukratis: Greeks in Egypt’. She has published widely on the art and religion of Archaic and Classical Greece and the relations between the Greeks and their Eastern neighbours.

Gesine Manuwald is Professor of Latin and Head of Department in the Department of Greek and Latin at University College London (UCL). Her research interests include Roman epic, Roman drama, Roman oratory and the reception of classical antiquity, especially in Latin literature of the Renaissance; she has published widely on all those areas.

Andrew David is a Tutor in Classics at Build, and presents workshops on Ancient Greek and Egyptian Life for the British Museum.


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Classics Day 2018

We hope to see you back with us for next year's Classics Day! Check our website or printed guide in Autumn for the first details of next year's event.


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