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Classics Day 2016

Story added 23rd Nov 2015


Classics Day materials

Thank you to everyone who came to Classics Day 2016 - we hope you enjoyed the day.

Click on the links below to download Classics Day materials and the booklet.

Download the Classics Day booklet


Classics Day 2016 - At the Edges of Empire

Saturday 27 February 2016 – British Museum, BP Auditorium

Journey to the provinces and frontiers of the Classical World and discover literary texts that record life in far-flung regions and outposts, the differences between Rome and Athens, life in Roman Britain and the Ptolemaic Greek colonies around the Mediterranean and in Egypt, plus follow in the footsteps of Alexander The Great as he conquered the east.

Our first Classics Day lecture was dedicated to Elizabeth Teller who recently passed away. Elizabeth taught for over 40 years at Build and was instrumental in the creation of Classics Day.

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