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Build fine art exhibition, 18 - 23 July, PV Thursday 20 July

Story added 1st Jun 2017

Join Build fine art students to celebrate their work from this years course presented at Espacio Gallery



Build fine art, 18 - 23 July (Private view Thursday 20 July)

Espacio Gallery, 159 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 7DG 

Christine Craig, Kathryn Davies, Annie Gentil, Linda Gold, Claire Hudson, Shanti Khindria, Vivienne Lewin, Fatina Liza, Rosemary May, Tazeem Moledina, Kathleen Northrop, Ian Rose, Paul Smith, Robert Spaul, Patti Taylor, Digby Usher, Robert Verrill, Dru Vesty, Stella Yarrow, Simona Bosco Schiavone, Sarah Crocker, Eurydyka Czerska, Toktam Faramarzifar, Catherine Harrington, Harnake Hunspal, Emma Liebeskind, Alison Ludlow, Rebecca Olajide, Ines Paula, Kim Payton, Emma Taylor, Kim Wilson

Emma T

Emma T, Build fine art course

Emma has been looking at self-representation through the everyday examinations of her face as she applies her makeup. As she has begun to think more about the idea of ‘painting her face’, what was once an unself-conscious act has come to feel increasingly odd as she changes her appearance. There’s an autobiographical element as her makeup changes from day to day depending on her mood and her response to the visage she meets in the mirror. She has used face paint to exaggerate makeup application, taking photographs and making drawings in response. These drawings she now intends to use as source material for a series of painting and she is exploring the possibility of using the makeup, its brushes and applicators to make these works. 

"The teachers are excellent in their direction, support and subject knowledge. They are encouraging and have enabled me to feel supported in my own idea development. The course has helped me develop my confidence as a contemporary fine artist. It gave me the opportunity to trial a range of artistic techniques such as wooden sculpture, animation, still life drawing and painting. However, more importantly it has helped me develop self-belief in my ideas as an artist".


Kat, Build fine art course

Kat’s chief concern relates to the notion of the self being a mental construct, conditioning the way we make sense of our surroundings. She is interested in how habitual patterns of thought and feeling shape and predetermine the way in which we relate to the visual world. Early work involved making drawings and collages of unexpected views of quite ubiquitous objects. By cutting up and displaying sections or fragments, it became harder and harder to recognise and shape what was observed. Later works experimented with just how far an image could be unravelled before it became unrecognisable/purely abstract and therefore no longer connected to its noun. Her aim was to achieve a level of difficulty in identifying what we see so that we become aware of our trying to categorise it, making us conscious, by default, of just how intrinsic this is to seeing; how the object itself is empty of a single idea, meaning or identity. She has also considered making facsimiles of everyday objects like light switches and plug sockets that are slightly ‘wrong’, again to unsettle our assumptions about what we expect see.


Kim, Build fine art course

Kim is interested in boundaries; the way we share common space, and how some places in various ways become protected through geography, economics, tradition and accident. Considering these territories, she has tried to intimate something of the often subtle borders that delineate these different spaces. One area of interest relates to pollution and how surface grime varies markedly moving from busy thoroughfares to side streets. She has made drawings using ground up charcoal to mirror this kind of build-up, masking off areas to reveal its intensity. She is also beginning to give thought to the way objects placed in particular places over a period of time can mark out their territory as the paint around them fades or how dust settles around forms alluding to their presence, even when they become absent. By and large, the borders that interested her are often quite subtle and Kim’s project is about how to find a visual language to reflect this. 


Sarah, Build fine art course

Sarah is fascinated by process. She takes quite mundane materials like paper and clothing, and subjects them to quite extreme modes of working: tearing, soaking, drenching in plaster, paint and so on. She works with their inherent material qualities to tease out and reveal often quite unexpected aspects of their makeup. Her process throws up multiple iterations from the same material and basic process, often seemingly in opposition to their normal format. Most of her output emphasises the essential ‘thingness’ of the physical world, the elemental building blocks of what surrounds us. If there is a narrative arising, this would seem to be about what is revealed when we strip away the surface patterning of the everyday.  


Harnake, Build fine art course

Harnake is interested in the choreographed movement of the human body. She is a yoga practitioner familiar with the way sequences of movement can be carried out almost unconsciously once learned. She has taken the classical Indian dance Bharatanatyam as her starting point, looking at how precise movements of the head, hands, body and feet crate a form of story-telling. Her research has involved mainly photography, stop motion and slow motion sequences of dancers in rehearsal at Bhavan Arts Centre in West Kensington. Her work with this source material has focussed on the repetition necessary to achieve fluency and elegance in performance, amongst other things using photomontage to describe a single dancer in motion and drawings which capture multiple frames of movement.


Kirk, Build fine art course

Kirk has been considering ways to express responses to extreme levels of stress and trauma. His project relates to the resulting compartmentalisation of emotional states and how these are accessed. He’s been making wire skeletal figures with a view to placing them within separate sections of an elaborate mirrored labyrinth. The making of these figurines is a laborious and meditative process and even partially complete each can initiate strong emotional responses.  Kirk is currently looking at the possibility that these may become exhibits in their own right

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