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Build coordinator advises on exciting new BBC One Series ‘The Big Painting Challenge’

Story added 10th Feb 2017

A Build coordinator has played a leading role in the development of an exciting new six-part BBC One series starting this Sunday night, The Big Painting Challenge.

The show, which has been dubbed the ‘The Great British Bake Off of painting’, will see ten amateur artists undertake a rigorous six-week artistic boot-camp, in a bid to hone their skills and be crowned series champion.

Presented by Mariella Frostrup and the Revd Richard Coles, each episode will see the artists challenged to produce two pieces of work in a different discipline, from portraiture to landscape to still life and movement, at a range of iconic locations across the UK. 

Build coordinator Alison Harper acted as Art Consultant for the series, advising on everything from casting and auditions to materials and sets. The first episode will see contestants focus on still life and perspective, while Episode 2 sees landscapes take centre stage. 

Build has a number of perspective and landscape courses available for budding artists. Explore our art and design courses for full details on all our courses.

The first episode of airs this Sunday at 6pm on BBC One.

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