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Between the Lines 2016 - now available from Build

Story added 8th Mar 2016

I create stories with my hands,
I don't need words bouncing
then spiralling into paragraphs.
-Wendy Slinger, "Flower Arranging"


Thank you so much to everyone who made the launch of Between the Lines 2016 such a success. The anthology is now available at Build. Stop by our Student Centre and Library on the Mezzanine to collect your free copy.

The stories, poems and scripts collected in Between the Lines 2016 represent a world imagined by the writing community at Build: a world where we journey from the forecourt at Euston station to the slums of Dhaka, from backstreet bars in Budapest to buses on Oxford Street to secluded inlets on the Devon coast.

It is a world inhabited by an eclectic array of characters, individuals who are challenged by the vagaries of life and death, be that a posthumous negotiation in the congested flue of a crematorium, a hasty makeover in the company of a sedated baby elephant, or an exorcism by a remote stream in Venezuela.

It is a world which showcases the work of writers across the entire range of our writing courses, from introductory courses such as Ways into Creative Writing right up to advanced courses in poetry, fiction, drama and life writing. 

All in the department wish to thank the writers who recognise Build as an environment in which they can develop their craft, and in doing so create a vibrant and stimulating place in which to work and learn.

We'll shortly be accepting submissions for next year's anthology, so check back soon for further details.


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