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Story added 5th Feb 2018

Develop your skills and hidden talents with Build


Find your niche at Build and unearth your hidden talents.

Try something new, acquire new skills, become more informed about the world around you, and gain practical experience on our great range of courses. 

What will you choose?

Broaden your horizons - history and politics courses

Build your skills - business, science and technology courses

Discover new cultures – language courses

Spanish: Sunday intensive for beginners - Sun 3 Jun, £179

Discover Japanese - Fri 22 Jun, £29

Explore Costa Rica - Sat 4 Aug, £39


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Unearth your creative genius – art and design courses

Unleash your inner performer – acting, dance and music courses

Street dance: beginners - Fri 25 May, £69

Ukulele: beginners - Sat 26 May, £109

Blues harmonica - Wed 6 Jun, £79

Ballroom - Mon 9 Jul, £99

Musicianship: learn to read music - Mon 9 Jul, £69


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