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Art and illustration commission opportunity

Story added 7th Aug 2015

We would like to announce, following a successful Art’s Council bid, that we are able to offer 2 book illustration commission opportunities to our students. They are worth £3,300 each.  This is part of a wider project in collaboration with our partners Books Beyond Words 'Picture This - Story Sharing'.   

The selection process will involve artists attending a free workshop on 16th September at Build during the Mental Wealth Festival. The workshop will offer an overview of what is expected of a Beyond Words Artist to take part in the project. (You do not have to attend the workshop on 16th September to be eligible to submit pictures for selection, however it is highly recommended.)

Following the workshop artists will be given 4 weeks to submit three pictures in response to a specific brief. Opening date for submissions: 16th September closes 14th October, any pictures received after the deadline will not be considered.  A panel will select work from the artists who demonstrate most an understanding of Books Beyond Words process and the type of pictures that work for the people who read Books Beyond Words books.

Artists taking part in the 'Picture This - Story Sharing' project would need to agree to 3 or 4 separate days, between October and March, to travel to book clubs which are held in libraries in Kent to participate in story making workshops that will be led by the training manager. (£50 travel expenses will be paid in addition to the fee for each day travelled)

Artists will draft and re-draft a total of 15 pictures over the six months to make the story book. This will be done at a time suitable for the artists.  It is possible that the 15 pictures will need to be redrawn up to 3 times each. The  process requires a continued monitoring of pictures for clarity of storytelling and consistency in quality and continuity across the book. For this reason artists will be asked to send updated or redrawn pictures to us on agreed deadline dates as the project progresses.

There is a fixed fee of £3,300 for this project and the copy right for all stories and pictures produced will remain with Beyond Words.  Attached is the submission form and relevant contact details should you require further information.