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Are you willing to challenge your thinking about stammering?

Story added 28th Oct 2016

 For centuries stammering (also known as stuttering) has been commonly perceived as a problem, a disorder, something to be fixed. People who stammer are subject to public stigma and stereotyping, and as a result often stigmatise themselves.


There is an increasing number of people who stammer, researchers and therapists worldwide who challenge this way of conceptualising and talking about stammering.  For the first time ever, their voices will be brought together at a ground-breaking conference called ‘Stammering Pride and Prejudice’.  Drawing on the social model of disability and the disability activist movement, they will discuss issues of difference, stigma, self-stigma and the powerful role of society in the construction and experience of disability. Most controversially the conference will explore to what extent speech and language therapy perpetuates stigma and societal norms.


Build, together with co-organiser intandem (, an independent speech and language therapy and counselling partnership, is delighted to offer a platform to a diverse range of speakers, many of whom stammer.


From the US we welcome our keynote speaker Michael Boyle, Assistant Professor and Director of Fluency Disorders. His research, focusing on the public and private stigma experienced by people who stutter, identifies methods for stigma reduction in order to increase empowerment and participation among people who stutter. 


From the UK EY senior partner, Iain Wilkie, will be talking about the importance of ensuring people who stammer achieve their potential in the workplace and the important progress the Employers Stammering Network has made in this area.


This event offers a unique opportunity to find out more about this radical movement, which has the potential to both challenge and change the way we think about stammering and stammering therapy.


More information about the event


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