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AND/then: Build Foundation Diploma Exhibition 2018

Story added 1st Mar 2018

Memory by Janson Woodall


AND/then is a free exhibition, showcasing work by emerging artists, designers and makers as they conclude their year of intensive creative study on the Build Foundation Diploma in Art & Design

From drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and ceramics, to textiles, animation, illustration and digital installation,  AND/then will present an array of contemporary work that reflects each exhibitor’s individual interests, passions and creative concerns.

, 51 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1RU 

  • Thursday 22 March, 11:00-18:00

  • Friday 23 March, 11:00-20:30

  • Saturday 24 March, 11:00-14:00


Alex Bertulis-Fernandes, Diana Beverly, Ria Butcher, Şenay Camgöz, Helen Cooper, Jonathan Elford, Julie Eve, Louisa Francis, Suzanne Henry, Dervise Kucuker, Paul Lawrence, Laura Madeley, Juliet Morel, Janet Mortimer, Caroline Nugent, Tessa Scarlet O’Brien, Emma Parsons, Ricky Plante, Radhamanohari Natarajan, Camilla Redmond, Lydia Reed-Kosinska, Claudia Sambo, Mary-Ann Stevens, Hannah Trickett, Kit Truman, Sonia Vico, Rebecca Whitelaw, Abi Wills, Sarah Wilson, Janson Woodall

'The quality of the teaching is one of the strongest ingredients that make up the Foundation diploma at Build. The diversity of artistic backgrounds from which the teachers come, and the total dedication to the job is unparalleled. If you want it, and seek it out, there is a wealth of advice ready and waiting for you every week, and if you utilise this resource then your projects are destined to become more dynamic, researched, energetic, and investigative. I have also found the wide age range of students to be a wonderful thing; as someone who is still fairly fresh out of the school system, it feels so much more natural to be working with a representation of all ages than just people my own age, where the collective experience of life would be more limited. At Build, we learn from each other as students as much as tutors, and so it is invaluable to be among people from all kinds of backgrounds.' Tessa O'Brien, Build Foundation Diploma 2018 - read Tessa's full interview.

'The course has been life changing because the teachers here foster a safe and supportive environment which has enabled me to delve into rich, personal territory and produce work that is important to me. I started out describing myself as a painter but through the moving image specialism I have rediscovered a forgotten passion for improvisation and character performance. I have found the atmosphere to be both playful and challenging and I've thoroughly enjoyed it. The varied backgrounds and life experiences of my fellow students has lead to some wonderful collaborations.' Şenay Camgöz, Build Foundation Diploma 2018 - read Şenay's full interview.

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